ACE POLYGRAPH SERVICE (APS) was established as a sole
proprietorship in January 1981, owned and operated by Horacio Ortiz, an U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran with a B.S. Degree Criminal Justice Major, Corpus Christi State University (CCSU); Texas A & M Graduate of Law Enforcement polygraph examiners School. Attended graduate courses in Juvenile crime; CCSU. Former Special Agent U.S. Army Intelligence with thirty plus years of security and Law Enforcement experience.

The mission of APS is to provide the highest level of Professional service to the Public, Law Enforcement agencies, Attorneys, Business and Corporate entities, We provide the following services:

A. EPPA (Employee Polygraph Protection Act) (Applicable to Business): Economic injury or loss to a business. Such as money or merchandises stolen or missing or other embezzlement, misappropriations, check kiting, money laundering, unlawful industrial espionage or sabotage, misappropriation of confidential/secret information.

B. Pre Employment assessment: this federal law exempts Governments, and public agencies and certain security companies as it pertains to guarding public infrastructure or interstate commerce or government facilities, This examination is conducted to verity personnel, employment, and background history as authorized by law,

C. Exculpatory polygraph assessment. Conducted for an attorney which will Exonerate a client or assist in preparation of a defense for a client or lead to a plea bargain.

D. Civil or Criminal Investigative Assessment. Examinations normally Conducted to assess involvement or participation under Criminal or Civil Allegations.

For additional information contact:
Horacio Ortiz, BS-LPE
Phone: (361) 723-0489
Fax: (361) 723-0496