Ace Security Academy (ASA)

Coastal Institute

The Academy was founded on February 22, 1989 by Johanna Hajek-Ortiz and Horacio Ortiz. The Academy was licensed on June 13, 1989 by the Texas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies to provide Level One, Two, and Three training in the state of Texas. The Texas Board of Private Investigators and Private Security Agencies granted Ace Security and Horacio Ortiz approval to conduct private investigators continuing education coursed.

ASA conducts the following courses:

Class Code Class Title # of Course Hours
SecEd 100.000 Security Operations Management 8
SecEd 101.000 Guard Force Management 8
SecEd 102.000 Security Supervision 8
SecEd 103.000 Personal Safety and Security 8
SecEd 104.000 Legal Aspects of Security 8
AT 100.000 Global Terrorism Awareness 4
AT 101.000 Understanding Suicidal Terrorism 4
AT 102.000 Vehicle Bomb Improvised Explosive Devices 4
AT 103.000 Al-Qaeda The Continuing Threat 4
AT 104.000 Bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) 2
AT 105.000 Circumventing Security Measures - Human Threat Indicators 2
AT 106.000 Conducting Vehicle Inspections 2
AT 107.000 Terrorist Surveillance Techniques 2
Sp.Trng 100.000 ASP Baton Certification 8
Sp.Trng 102.000 Pepper Spray Certification 8
Sp.Trng 103.000 ASP Baton Re-Certification 8
SecEd 200.000 Basic Loss Prevention 16
SecEd 200.100 Intermediate Loss Prevention 20
SecEd 200.200 Advanced Loss Prevention 20
SecEd 201.000 Basic Report Writing 8
SecEd 201.100 Intermediate Report Writing 16
SecEd 201.200 Advanced Report Writing 16
SecEd 202.000 Public Relations 20
PiEd 100.000 Basic Private Investigations 20
PiEd 100.100 Intermediate Private Investigations 30
PiEd 100.200 Advanced Private Investigations 40
SpTrng 104.000 Basic Security Instructor 40
SpTrng 105.000 Firearms Security Instructor 40
SpTrng 106.000 First Aid and CPR 8
SecEd 203.000 Non-Commissioned Security Officer 8
SecEd 204.000 Liability due to Arrest and Use of Force 16
SecEd 205.000 Interview/Interrogation Training 16
SecMgt 300.000 Security Management Training 20
SecEd 206.000 Commissioned Security Officer 36
SecEd 207.000 Personal Protection Officer (PPO) 16
PiEd 101.000 Personal Protection Officer (PPO) 16
PolySc 100.000 Basic Polygraph Examiners Course 356
PolySc 101.000 Intermediate Polygraph Science 30
PolySc 102.000 Advanced Polygraph Science 40

a. E-Mail for the 90 day schedule of projected training.

b. Ace Security Academy in association with the Center for Terrorism Counter-Action Studies is offering courses approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Private Security Bureau, and continuing Education courses for licensed Private Investigators, General Mangers, Branch Managers, Security Supervisors and Commissioned Security Officers.

c. Ace Security Academy in Association with the Coastal Institute of Forensic Science is offering courses approved by the State of Texas Polygraph Examiners Board for Professional Basic Polygraph Examiners Training for students seeking Texas licensing.

For additional information contact:
Horacio Ortiz, BS-LPE
Phone: (361) 723-0489
Fax: (361) 723-0496