Course Outline & Information

BASIC Applicants are best served if they have an Intern Sponsor who is a licensed examiner as required by the home State or Nation. If there is no licensing law in your jurisdiction, the Sponsor should be eligible to be a regular member of the American Polygraph Association. Special exceptions may be made by the Director and an individualized quality control program established.
This is a very difficult program. There are eight straight weeks in "Residence" requiring nightly study and the classroom time is interspersed with two weeks of "Externship" before completion. The final class week is another full week in "Residence."  Mock examinations are featured.  There is also internship preparation, detailing the 40 hours outside project, cramming, finals and, the Texas Polygraph Examiners Board's comprehensive exam for Texas registrants.

Examples of student activity are: The student is to provide answers to subject matter tests, verbal and written comments on reading assignments, polygraph examination question and test formulation as responses to provided scenarios, or minor student specific research projects. Polygraph instrumentation will be provided to the students for use in class. The student will be responsable for equipment damages, but not for normal wear and tear. It is not necessary for the student to possess equipment until the Intern is conducting bonafide examinations under the supervision of the Sponsor. Text material assignments and routine study time will be over and above this timed activity. Airport pickup and delivery is included. We suggest working on a flight package if your travel is long. Airlines may be accommodating for advanced tickets. NOTE:
Texas registered interns may not administer any examinations until they receive his of her Internship license. Typically this occurs after the student passes the State Board administered written examination.

You may pay registration fees in advance or at the door. Regardless of when you pay, you must register in advance to reserve a place in class. You may pay by government voucher, check or credit card. Make check payable to:

Coastal Institute of Forensic Science
3047 Holly Road
Corpus Christi, Texas 78415.

All Instruction will be accomplished by professional or credentialed personnel who are experts in their field of Polygraph Techniques.

For additional information contact:
Horacio Ortiz, BS-LPE
Phone: (361) 723-0489
Fax: (361) 723-0496